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The Academia in Review newsletter covers topics ranging from emerging technologies, how to find mentors to speed up learning, mental models, real-world skills, and how to create innovative solutions. The goal is to answer one simple question: what does it take to become someone that solves the world’s biggest challenges?

I believe that it is possible to take anyone at any age and teach them the tools that will allow them to create scalable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. In order to accomplish this, we will explore curriculums from places like MIT, Harvard, and Astra Nova. Explore how to pull aspects from environments like silicon valley and apply them to our personal lives.

Academia in Review themes:

  • Guidelines, resources and how to find connections to help build expertise in fields of emerging technology.

  • Real-world skills like consulting frameworks, networking, mindset, cold-emailing, communication and project management.

  • Deep-dives into some of the world’s most pressing problems like healthcare, clean energy, education, agriculture, disease, climate change, poverty, space exploration, waste pollution, transportation, connectivity and security & privacy.

  • How to explore and build expertise in a field of interest on a part-time basis.

  • How to build a personal improvement regimen around project-based learning.